Request for Residential Bulky Waste Collection

Please have all bulky waste at the curb and ready to be picked up before submitting the request form.

Contact and Pick Up Info

First and Last Name
Street name and number
First and Last Name

Items Needing Collection


• No more than 8 cy, once per month (one large pick-up truck load)

• No refrigerant items such as a freezer, refrigerator, air conditioner

• No basketball goals

• No tires

• No construction materials (bricks, concrete, decking, fencing, tiles, roofing materials, boards, drywall)

• No chemicals, liquids or hazardous materials

• No paint

• Items must be in a neat and tight stack

• A service charge will be assessed for greater than 8 cy. The charge will be placed on the next water bill

• Collection is once per month. Any additional loads will be billed to the customer