Request for Residential Recycling Collection of Move-in Cardboard Boxes

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• A special one-time pickup of move-in cardboard boxes is offered to new residents with a new water bill address

• This service is not for multi-family residences with dumpster service

• The pickup service must be requested by contacting Solid Waste Services within two months of establishing a new account with the utility collection division

• This collection is performed on next scheduled recycling collection day during "blue weeks" only

• The cardboard boxes (ten or more) must be flattened and placed at curbside by 7:00 a.m.

• Up to six boxes are allowed to be filled with paper wrappings

• Boxes that contain trash and Styrofoam are not allowed for recycling and will not be picked up with recycling

• Trash and Styrofoam shall not be collected with cardboard boxes for recycling and are the responsibility of the resident for proper disposal as trash

• Boxes should be flattened when possible

• Flattened boxes must be in a neat and tight stack